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Adventures of an Ice Princess
NAL, Oct 2004, 12.95, 260 pp. ISBN: 0451213009 Clarissa has lived with Kieran for eight years and thinks he is about to propose. Her best friends Delilah and Kate agree and even throw an engagement party, but Kier fails to give her a ring. Instead he breaks up with her after she quits her job to become a housewife to him. She returns to her mom's place. While Clarissa mopes, her friends try to cheer her up without success. Her mom gives he...
The Shadow Runners
Love Spell, Jun 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0505525895 In 2176, the Empire arrests Jenny Red's dad on the charge of treason and murder. His family, including Jenny, is kicked into the servant's quarters of the royal palace. Jenny makes do as best she can before being unceremoniously dumped in the penal colony in Newgate, Australia. She finds her new home city rather different from her previous abode. The Parliament runs Newgate as a personal playgroun...
What a Girl Wants
Haley Jane Smith is in a serious rut. She finds that her boss at work died (he smells pretty bad) and she is the only one to notice. When the detective comes to check it out she has a quick session where she goes to third base… She wants to have a real job where she is appreciated and a boyfriend. The bulk of the story follows her as her three best friends set out to help her. In fact Andrea is assigned to help her get the raise she was promise...