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Fair Game
The story starts with Harriet learning from her old friend Rosie that Nina, her old school rival and person she has always envied, suspects that her boyfriend is seeing someone else. Harriet has to confess that she thinks she is the someone else. The first time Harriet saw John, she thought he was the most gorgeous bloke she had ever seen. But she saw he was with Nina. But after John gives her money for a taxi, Nina has to repay him by taking him f...
Making Mischief
Abby, Rachel, Lindsay and Fleur are cousins. When Abby was 16 she saw Guy, a close friend of Rachel and Lindsay, in a suggestive situation with Cara, dubbed by Abby as the topless piranha. Fifteen years later, Fleur is dating Guy. But when Cara shows up and starts hinting that Guy still wants her, Fleur enlists the aid of Abby to keep an eye on Guy and keep Cara away. Trouble is, Abby realizes she fancies Guy also. At Abby's brother's wedding, thi...