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A Soldier's Love
In the fall of 1941, Katie McNeill and Ron Miller could not imagine what was about to happen to them or to their country. Katie is a shy clerk at the University of Maryland, who has been waiting for her knight in shining armor so long that one of co-workers tells her she will never find a decent husband. Ron Miller is a handsome and intelligent army officer attending graduate school at the university. As the book opens, he is nursing a broken heart f...
Gold Star Wife
In the summer of 1946, war-widow Janet Lewis is emotionally and financially spent from mourning the loss of her husband and struggling to raise her three children alone. She travels to Fort Jackson in South Carolina to visit old friends and becomes reacquainted with Major Paul Adams, an officer who once served with her husband. Unbeknownst to Janet, Paul harbored a crush on her for years. When he sees her again, the old feelings rekindle, but Paul has f...