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Dangerous Sanctuary
Tyndale, May 2004, 10.99, 271 pp. ISBN 0842364366 Once she had a loving husband and a son she cherished until the day Georgia MacGregor came home to see an inferno with her beloved men inside beyond rescuing. Unable to stay in Calgary and the memories that haunt her, she travels the country side until she finds a job for a cook in the northern Canadian woods. The head of Camp Hope, Kent Anderson, hires her on the spot, believing she is a gift f...
Forgotten Justice
Heart Quest, Jan 2005, 10.99 ISBN: 0842364374 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police found someone named John beaten up. He has no memory who he is or anything else about himself. Since he is not injured besides some bruises and amnesia, the cops take him to Camp Hope where he can recuperate. At the camp, John Riddle, as he is now called, displays incredible computer skills. He is also attracted to wheelchair bound Christa Anderson, sister of the...