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Good Grief
Sophie Stanton is working through the five stages of grief after losing her young husband to cancer. In the first section of the book, she is working as a public relations specialist, but she has a major depressive episode and shows up at work in her slippers. She decides to quit her job, sell her house, and move in with her friend Ruth, who lives in Portland, Oregon. After moving to Portland, she rents an empty bed and breakfast, signs up for the Big Si...
Happiness Sold Separately
Elinor Mackey was a professional woman who put off having a husband and family until well into her thirties going with the belief there will always be time later in life. Once she was happily married to Ted, they decided to start a family but their plans did not turn out like they hoped. Elinor and Ted have tried for a couple of years to have a baby to no avail and the stress and strain has literally pulled these two people who love each other apart....