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Wiley's Lament
Wiley's been getting by in Portland, Oregon by playing poker and occasionally ripping off a drug dealer to make ends meet. Still, it's a shock when the daughter he hasn't seen in a year, Lizzie, turns up dead in a motel room with her throat cut. He's sure she was corrupted by his old school buddy and best friend Leon, who runs an escort business and dated Lizzie for a time. Wiley goes gunning for Leon through Portland's sex industry with the grudging ass...
Wiley's Shuffle
St. Martin's, Jun 2004, 23.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 031230384X Since he is losing at poker, Wiley does not mind leaving the game to help a friend in trouble. Apparently, Miriam works for a nasty person named Dookie, who enjoys pounding his employees almost as much as he relishes killing people for the fun of it. Making matters more difficult is that Dookie believes he is superman and nothing can hurt him. Wiley recruits his pal "bad bad" Leon to jo...