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Cowboy and the Captive
Melina Catarina Angeles had taken the blame and punishment for her twin sister, Maria, too many times to count. When Maria's last crime caused Melina to spend time in jail and suffer through the horror of a near rape and a brutal beating, Melina decides that she is finished letting her parents talk her into taking the place for their favored daughter, Maria. But now Maria has committed a crime that means definite prison time and her parents are deter...
Tempting the Beast
Callan Lyons is the beginning of a new breed - a human with the partial DNA of a lion. Bred in a cage and experimented on until he managed to escape the scientists who held him captive, Callan learned the hard way not to trust anyone - except the members of his pride. Now Callan is hiding in a small town in the middle of nowhere with his brothers and sisters - those who are also mixed human/cat DNA. Aside from the horrible members of the Council who sanc...