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Moonlight On The Millpond
This is book 1 of the Tucker Mills trilogy. Jace Randall comes to live with his Uncle Woody and work at his saw mill. Jace's sister Eden thinks that he is brainless enough to immediately get married and start having kids, so Jace is determined not to even look at women just to prove Eden wrong. That determination is shattered to pieces when Jace meets Maddie, a beauty who has come to help her aunt & uncle run their store. Jace falls in love and starts co...
Sophie's Heart
Sophie is a 29 year old Czechoslovakian woman who comes to the United States hoping to build a new, better life. Very intelligent and well educated, speaking five different languages, Sophie used to work as a translator back in her homeland, but in America she finds it very difficult to get a comparable job and ends up working at a restaurant. She has to deal with rudeness, indifference, and cultural stereotypes, of which she is soon very tired despite h...
The Princess
The story takes place in a fictional country of Pendaran. Nikolai, the prince of Pendaran, a young widower still grieving over the loss of his wife, is required by the custom to be married by a certain time. The bride is chosen for him, the beautiful redhead Shelby Parker. Both she and the prince agree to enter this arrange marriage, for the sake of the custom and for the sake of producing an heir. However, they start with each having their own bedroom. ...
The Proposal
Jennings, a businessman in Victorian England, has no use for family and never wants to have one. Being a husband and especially a father is too much hassle, so why marry at all. However, life plays a joke on Jennings and gives him the exact thing he shuns when he is unexpectedly made guardian of not one but three young kids, his cousins Penny, James, and Thomas. Even though the children are very well behaved, Jennings is not thrilled with this responsibi...

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The Rescue
Anne is a hard-working, determined young woman in Victorian England. After her mother's death and the loss of almost all her family's possessions Anne is left to be the head of the house and take care of her father who suffers from dementia. Born to be a lady, Anne bravely accepts the challenge and does her best, working as a common woman and even trying to do some house repairs. While she is up on a ladder doing that, a new neighbor shows up, a young ma...

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