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A Thrill To Remember
It's time to live a little, Meggie Scofield decides at the town's masquerade party. The masked stranger she meets that hot and steamy night is the perfect way to begin. This guy is sex-on-legs---and Meggie's determined to go out on a limb. As the last bachelor up for grabs in chilly Bear Creek, Alaska, Caleb Greenleaf has been fending off women for months. But this gorgeous masked one is different, he senses. She sends his temperature---and this libid...
A Touch of Silk
Manhattan reporter Kay Freemont spends her days writing about sex---and her nights wondering what all the hype is about. So when sexy, single Quinn Scofield places an advertisement in her magazine for a wife, Kay decides it's way past time she found out. Although Kay knows she's too repressed to live out her most forbidden fantasies, under Quinn's imaginative tutelage she becomes more in tune with her own sensuality. This city girl thinks she has time...
Charmed and Dangerous
Warner, Jul 2004, 5.99, 368 pp. ISBN: 0446613673 FBI Agent David Marshall knows he made a mistake when he recruited civilian public relations specialist at Fort Worth's Kimball Art Museum Cassie Cooper, but he had hope she would provide him the means to take down art thief Peyton Shriver. Once violent Jocko Blanco became involved, David decided to remove Cassie from danger, but she fails to show up at their meeting spot. Instead, he mistakes Ca...
License to Thrill
Warner, Dec 2003, 5.99, 353 pp. ISBN: 0446613665 Five years as a Vegas private detective Charlee Champagne fears little. However, one of her two phobias arrives at the Sikes Detective Agency when wealthy investment banker CHARMED AND DANGEROUS hunk Mason Gentry charges through the door. An irate Mason demands to know where his grandfather is. Apparently, he vanished with a half a million dollars in embezzled funds. Charlee has no idea what th...

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The Sweethearts' Knitting Club
An old mystery is dug up when the old bad boy rolls into down, bringing back his love at the same time for a girl who is about to get engaged. Flynn McGregor has always done she was told, except for that one time with Jesse Calloway back in high school. Now it is years later and Flynn has been dating the town's sheriff on and off for a few years. He has proposed many times, but Flynn never thought that it was the right time. Now he has proposed with a...

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