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Deadly Discrimination
PublishAmerica, 2003, 19.95 ISBN: 1413703070 Pastor Mike Raffles glows with optimism as he relocates from New Orleans to Kingsbury, California. However, the quiet simple life of a small town farming community seems more like home when someone murders Toews, an individual universally detested though he was to be the Grand Marshal in the upcoming parade. After a public incident between Toews and the Martinez family and the location of the body, p...
Murder in Four Part Harmony
Gospel singer Alexandra Walters is surprised when her first love is in town and being accused of murdering his cousin. With the help of her friend, PI Stephen Carlucci, they delve into the underside of the gospel music industry to find the real killer as Alex must deal with lingering feelings for her first love who is a married man....
The Trouble With Tenors