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A Raisen in the Sun
Hansberry presents a picture of a tightly knit black family trying to get out of the cycle of poverty. The Younger family is going to receive an insurance payment of $10,000.00. They all have different ideas about how to spend it. Mama wants to use it to get a new house. Beneatha, her daughter, wants to use it for her education. Walter, her son, wants to use it to start a business--a liquor store. He gives the money to a friend who is supposed to in...
A Raisin in the Sun (Literature)
A Raisin in the Sun (Literature)
A Raisin in the Sun is based on a poem called "A Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes. The story opens with the main character (Walter) in Chicago struggling to survive. Walter lives in a small apartment with his wife, his son, his mother (who has always dreamed of owning a home in a nice neighborhood), and his sister (who wants to be a doctor and will need tuition money soon). Most of the time is spent arguing. Because this story is set in the 1950s, the ...

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