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Like Life
Moore's second short story collection (apart from the novel-esque _Anagrams_) is more subdued, less tricky and perky than _Self-Help_. Some of the emotional territory is familiar: in "Two Boys," a woman cheerfully juggles a pair of contrasting lovers; "The Jewish Hunter" details a teacher's affair with a sharp, Jewish guy who likes to hunt; and in the title story an unhappy housewife slowly makes plans to leave her husband. Well written, as always, but l...
This was Lorrie Moore's debut collection of stories (1985), and what a fine set of tales it is. "How to Be an Other Woman" starts it off with a bang, instructing the reader what one does and how one feels in that position. In "Go Like This," the reader feels what it's like to be a woman dying of cancer and informing her friends that she's going to kill herself. "How to Become a Writer" catalogs all the neurotic things a budding creator goes through -- ev...
Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?
Lorrie Moore's novel is a coming of age comedy of errors, about two best friends, Berie and Sils, and their fateful summer of lost innocence in 1972. It is packed with quirky characters such as a dwarf taxi driver, her best friend Sils oddball French-Canadian mother, and Berie's aloof grandmother. The story is told in flashback by Berie, who now middle aged, is looking back with bittersweet remembrance at her childhood and adolescence while at a Paris...