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Holes (Literature)
Stanley Yelnets has been wrongly accused of a crime and sent to Camp Green Lake as punishment. The camp is nothing like its name suggests. The boys are forced to dig holes every day under the hot son. Stanley figures out that they are searching for something, but what?...
Holes (Science Fiction)
Stanely Yelnats IV has had a run of bad luck lately. Well, actually, his whole life has been a run of bad luck, but recently his luck has been really bad. I mean, how many people get hit with some sneakers falling out of the sky and are convicted of stealing them? How was Stanley supposed to know that the sneakers belonged to a famous baseball player? Of course, no one believes him and he has the choice of going to jail or to Camp Green Lake. Stanley has...
Sideways Stories from Wayside School
Wayside School was supposed to be composed of thirty classrooms, on one story. However, the builder constructed a thirty story building with an extra large playground (He said he was very sorry). Consequently, everything about Wayside School is topsy-turvy. The higher one climbs, the stranger the people and the weirder the incident. This book is made up of thirty tales (one for each student and teacher who work on the thirtieth story, as well as on...
Sixth Grade Secrets
Laura Sibbie is in her last month of sixth grade when she finds a cap with the words "Pig City" on it at a garage sale. Inspired by the mysterious words on the hat, Laura and her two best friends start a secret club at their school, carefully selecting members based purely on like/dislike and "can they keep a secret?" issues. Also, Laura begins to sneak into the classroom and write anonymous "pig" messages on the blackboard, risking her teacher's punis...

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There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom
According to his teachers, Bradley Chalkers has "serious behavior problems." According the other kids at Red Hill School, he is "a monster." Bradley has low self-esteem and believes that, though this is his first time in fifth grade, it will not be his last. He compensates for his feelings of inadequacy by bullying the smaller kids. He is failing his classes and has already repeated the fourth grade. He cannot even accept the friendship of nice new ...

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