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Brave New Girl
This is an amazing book about a young girl named Dora. It's a modern twist on the classic "coming-of-age" plot. She goes through problems with her family and peers. She has a cynical personality, a bit of sarcasm, a unique view on the world, and a foul mouth....
Serious as a Heart Attack
Atria, May 2004, 23.00, 256 pp. ISBN: 0743466608 On the train to work in Manhattan, the Brooklyn Dodger runs into Hummer Fish from high school. They discuss how friends and relatives are doing like her dead grandfather of three decades. Finally Queenie informs Hummer that she will be fired from her proofing job at a calendar making company for missing that the start of daylight savings was placed on the wrong Sunday. Hummer hires Queenie to fi...