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For All The Wrong Reasons
St. Martin's, May 2002, 24.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 0312272553 In London wealthy heiress Diana Verity marries publisher Ernie Foxton, though he has an underhanded reputation within the industry and amidst the ladies. To Ernie, Diana is the perfect trophy wife when he relocates to New York to take over Blakeley's Publishing House and turn it into a global giant. To Diana, Ernie is her ticket to an exciting youthful world as a major Big Apple hostes...
The Go-To Girl
St. Martin's Feb 2005, 13.95 ISBN: 0312339917 Thirtyish Londoner Anna Brown considers herself too tall, too heavy, too muscular and has too big a nose. Her boss constantly reminds Anna that she is a lowlife assistant whose job is to fulfill her employer's demand. At home, she feels like a giantess as her roommates are petit models. Her boyfriend of three months breaks it off perhaps because she outweighs him by at least two and a half stone. ...