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The Bingo Palace
Lipsha Morrissey is a Native American Indian with healing powers who lost his powers by wasting his time in the big cities. One day, he receives news from his grandmother, Lulu Lamartine that his father is wanted by the police. This is why he decides to go back to the reservation. It is a very hard decision for him as his home place does not bring happy memories. On the contrary, all his life he has been trying to understand an awful happening from his c...
The Master Butchers Singing Club
Fidelus Waldvogel fought for Germany in WW1. He returns home to his village to marry the pregnant fiancee of his best friend who was killed in action. He emigrates to the U.S. with a suitcase of sausage to sell, and his father's butchering knives. His money runs out in Argus North Dakota, so that's where he settles, and brings over his sister, his wife and her small son. They set up a butcher shop. Fidelus gets involved in a singing club that includ...
This is the story of Fleur Pillager told alternately by Nanapush, an Ojibway tribe elder, and Pauline, a young mix-blood woman drawn to Fleur's strong personality. Fleur is the only one of her family to survive when an epidemic hits the reservation. She is rescued by Nanapush who has lost his own family, and so considers Fleur a daughter. She is considered bad luck by reservation residents when after two close drowning the men who help her die. ...