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Cold Slice
Terry Saltz, a.k.a. Muzzy, is a hard working stiff who has a strong sense of right and wrong. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, Terry gets in a fight, and ends up in jail. In an attempt to get back on track he begins working at Carlo's Pizza. At his new job, Terry begins to learn about friendship and trust. When one of his co-workers is murdered, Tery and his new friends set out to find the murderer. Terry is an endearing, honest "every guy" who's rough ar...
Early 8
Signet, Sept 2004, 5.99, 272 pp. ISBN 0451212851 After drinking too much, busting up a bar and hurting some people Terry Saltz went to prison; when he was released he vowed never to take another drink and get his act together. He works at Smitty's Bars and Eats and has a second job as a carpenter. He's friends with his ex-parole officer and shares a double wide trailer with his pal Danny and police officer John Garvey. He and his friends have ...