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Ghost Warrior: Lozen of the Apaches
An epic story of Lozen and her role as a spiritual leader with her gift of far sight and her role as a warrior with her brother Victorio and later Geronimo. ...
Mary's Land
The story of two women who make the dangerous journey from England the the new land in America. One had invested on a plantation and is going in order to secure her independence and one is a petty criminal who is going over as an indentured servant. When they meet, they help each other create a life filled with unexpected love and and adventure....
Ride the Wind
At the age of 9 Cynthia Ann Parker was captured in an indian raid. Forced to give up everything and everyone, Cynthia comes to love the Comanches and adopts their ways. Ride the Wind is the story of Cynthia, her son Quanah Parker and a way of life that is gone forever. This is one of the best books I have ever read, this is a must read book for anyone who loves 19th century history....
Shadow Patriots: A Novel of the Revolution
Shadow Patriots tells of the Culper Ring, a group of George Washington's spies operating out of Manhattan and Long Island. The city of New York itself can hold its own among the American Revolution's cast of pungent characters. The story includes familiar names -- Washington, Hamilton, Benedict Arnold -- and one unfamiliar number, the mysterious 355. 355 was the Culpers' code for "lady," and after 225 years she remains a nameless heroine who, many his...

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