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Mr. Touchdown
Star athlete Eddie, his sister, Lakeesha, and two other “Negro” students, hand-picked to enter an all-white high school, are swept into the very heart of the civil rights movement in Memphis, 1965. Chosen to integrate Forrest High by the NAACP – and his father -- high school junior, Eddie Russell encounters the viciousness of certain white students – the coldness of others – and grapples with the sheer unfairness of leaving his friends and teammates ...
Peace I Ask of Thee, Oh River
El Campbell just wants to have fun over the summer between high school and college. She's in charge of several girls at a North Carolina summer camp, and El hopes they interfere with her as little as possible, especially after she meets Arthur, a muscular world-class kayaker. But Tiffin, the governor's daughter, arrives and instantly begins to make El's life miserable. Tiffin refuses to follow rules, won't set tables, won't stay in her cabin at rest p...