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A Cat in A Glass House
This book is part of a series by Lydia Adamson. Her main character is Alice Nestleton, a sometimes employed actress. While in between jobs, she sometimes gets involved investigating crimes because of her persistent curiosity. And also because she is a "cat person." A cat is always leading her into trouble. In this story she has having dinner in a fancy Chinese restaurant. While there, some gunmen break in, spraypaint graffiti, and shoot a waitress....
A Cat Named Brat
Signet, July 2002, 5.99, 208 pp. ISBN 0451206649 She was a Minnesota farm girl who came to the Big Apple to break into the theatre. After almost two decades of living in the city Alice Nestleton is still looking for a break. To supplement her income between acting jobs, she pet sits for cats. An acquaintance of a friend, Louis Montag hires Alice to play with his cat while he is writing his book. When she arrives at Mr. Montag's home, she's ...
A Cat with the Blues
Alice Nestleton is an out of work actress and cat-lover who makes ends meet by cat sitting. To her great delight, she lands well-paying job that is the result of a contentious divorce case. Sidney and Beatrice Woburn, both wealthy and successful in their own right, are fighting tooth and nail over every single, tiny piece of property they own, including their Russian Blue cat. They have two children, Rachel, an out-of-work comedienne, and The lawyers dec...