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Cold Shoulder
Former Police Lieutenant Lorraine Page, is a recovering alcoholic. Her drinking has caused her marriage to breakdown and cost her her career. When she reaches her lowest point, earning her living as a hooker, a man tries to kill her with a hammer. Lorraine, now sober, discovers that there have been a series of hammer killings of prostitutes and she tries to catch the killer. La Plante's characters are great creations and her plot develops along with t...
Royal Flush
Edward de Jersey is a self-made millionaire who has risen from humble beginnings as an East End kid to owning and working one of the most prestigious racing studs in England. He keeps his past well hidden especially how he came to achieve the millions it took to buy his stables. Then tragedy strikes, his financial advisor in whom he allowed too much freedom invested unwisely in a computer company. The result is disastrous most of de Jersey's fortune...