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Look of Love
Shy Esme Jaramillo is so excited to be asked to speak about her work with gene cloning on The Barry Stillman Show. It is rare for a scientist to have so much exposure - and to be on television! Esme made sure that her mother, father and two best friends could be there for her to support her in the audience. She is a little uneasy after some questions that the gorgeous makeup artist, Gavino Mendez, asked her, but she was too distracted by Gavino's gorgeou...
Lucy Olivera, a tough-as-rawhide, 38 year old Denver police officer, is about to embark on a life altering saga called marriage. Lucy has vowed never, ever to marry considering her relationships track record but mainy because of the Olivera curse. Not one Olivera has had a successful first marriage. That was before Ruben entered her life and becomes her love buddy. Determined to get the alter, Lucy calls on Annette, Mercedes and Cristina, her three be...