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The Music of Passion
A man begins to fall in love with his brother's widow, and she is drawn to him as well, but there are many who would not want them to marry considering the family fortune at stake. Megan moved back home to New York after her beloved husband Erich, a celebrated Austrian pianist, killed himself in a hotel room during a concert tour of Italy. For two years Megan has nursed her broken heart and worked to get over the great tragedy. Then a call comes from Vie...
The Touch of Passion
Gemma, a young artist, falls in love with her inspiration and idol, famous sculptor Jordan, and must break through his walls before he falls in love with her two - but they'll have an affair in the mean time. This was a very different kind of Harlequin romance and raised my eyebrows a couple times. Gemma and Jordan are both expressive, non-traditional, experimental artists, and they attraction is unabashedly and powerfully sexual. Set in London, Gemma is...