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Rosamunde, the bastard daughter of King Henry, is a naive girl who has grown up in convent. The day before she is to take the veil and become a nun, her father arrives with a fiance in tow for her to marry on that very day. Henry is outraged when he learns that Rosamunde, the child of his love that died when is daughter was just an infant, is about to become a nun. He demands that the marriage vows take place immediately. Aric, the husband...
Lady Helen of Tiernay and Lord Hethe of Holden are bitter enemies. Lord Holden, who is never even at Holden due to his constant travels for battle, is tired of the Tyrant of Tiernay making false accusations of abuse and mistreatment of his serfs. Lady Tiernay is tired of the Hemmer of Holden abusing his serfs, leaving her to pick up the pieces and aid the poor, beaten people. When the King's man comes and declares that she must marry Lord Hol...
Sweet Revenge
Kyla, who is being forced to marry a ruthless Scotsman, MacGregor, by her devious sister-in-law, Catriona, has been injured during a attack on her brother, leaving a gaping sword wound across her back. When Kyla is forced to journey to Scotland by Catriona, she and her maid take the journey in the back of a wagon, but when their party is attacked, Kyla arises to fight furiously, only to save her dearest maid and mother figure, Morag. During the sk...
The Chase
Seonaid Dunbar, a scottish woman warrior, is betrothed to Blake Sherwell, an english nobleman known as "the angel" at court for his charming wit and good looks. The betrothal was made when they were children, was almost instantly regretted when their respective fathers argued and never made up. The betrothal could not be broken without forfeiting land on either side, so years later when Seonaid's fiance finally annouced his intention of marrying, s...

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The Reluctant Reformer
When Lord James vows to keep a promise to his dear war comrade, Gerald, he attempts to find the object of his vow, Lady Margaret Wentworth, his friend's sister whom he'd sworn to protect. When James hired a bow street runner to find out about her, the runner came back with information that she was the notorious Lady X, a prostitute! Margaret is not the prostitute, she is actually the infamous newspaper columnist, G.W. Clark, at the house of ill re...

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