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A Candle in the Darkness
Caroline Fletcher was twelve years old on the day in 1853 when she realized just how different she was from everyone else. She had grown up feeling like the slaves were part of her family. She loved her "mammy," Tessie, and spent her days playing with Tessie's son, Grady, who was like a little brother to Caroline. But when her father sells Grady, Caroline realizes her views on slavery are not the same as those shared by the rest of Virginia. The time she...
A Light to My Path
Bethany, Nov 2004, 12.99, 432 pp. ISBN: 1556614446 In 1862 South Carolina, Confederate soldiers warn Missy Claire that 6000 Yankees are marching towards her plantation and arming slaves. Missy is angry and panicking as she orders her slaves but talks down to them as if they are cattle or pets, which is how she sees them. Field slave Grady informs house slave Kitty that he plans to run away and would like her, the woman he loves, to come with hi...