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The Last White Family on Dorchester Road
Terry, or Blaze Wilde as he is better known, has just attempted to kill himself after his career as a gay porn star was coming to an end. Emotionally lost and physically damaged, he returns to his mother and siblings to a family trapped by poverty, alcohol and the past. In a dirty flat in a poor neighbourhood, his mother is drinknig herself into a stupour, his brother is hiding from the police, and his much loved twin sister is trying to earn enough mo...
The Redemption of Fawler Mulrae
This is an intense drama about a former deliquent who goes back to his reform school. This truly is great story of redemption and the price people have to pay to heal. ...
Father Rick Petroni is a talented young priest woking in New York (prior to Spetember the 11th). He has just published a controversial text arguing against the tenets of a Christain synod that believes the Pope is the antichrist. Troubled teenager Mark enters Father Rick's confession box, and the priest is rapidly drawn into a fast developping crisis - Mark has run away from home and cannot face confronting the truth about himself, nor can he face hi...