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Denial of the Soul
In this 1997 book, the author of the bestselling _The Road Not Taken_ addresses the issues of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. Though always thoughtful and sensitive, and sometimes a little crusty (he tells people who bug him about his dependence on alcohol and tobacco, "Sometimes it is better to walk with crutches than not to walk at all"), Peck's argument appears to come down to: growing and learning often involve suffering, and to cut short ...
In Heaven As On Earth
Dr. Peck's story revolves around Dr. Daniel Turpin, a psychiatrist, who lies dying from lung cancer with his two children around him. Daniel is able to feel himself leave his body and knows that he has died. While in “heaven” Daniel encounters other spirits, some in purgatory and some in hell. The allegorical “hell” was quite amusing for those souls depicted living in the bottom of trash can, working for Amalgamated Systems!! Daniel is also able to go ba...
People of the Lie
Dr Peck, educated at Harvard and Case Western Reserve, has held government posts and is now medical director of New Milford Hospital Mental Health Clinic, Connecticut. His influences include Erich Fromm, Malachi Martin, C.S. Lewis, Martin Buber, and even J.R.R. Tolkien. In this book he shares some of his lifetime insights into human nature. He does for psychiatry and psychotherapy what few of its practitioners are able to do, and what even fewer of those...