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A Ring of Endless Light
Vicky Austin returns to an island to be with her grandfather, who is dying of cancer. At a funeral of a family friend she meets Adam, her brother's friend who she grows close to as the story progresses. Vicky is being openly pursued by two guys, a family friend she feels nothing but friendship for, and an old flame who tried to kill himself and pushes her for more than she wants to give him. All the while she finds herself falling for Adam, who ha...
A Swiftly Tilting Planet
Meg Murry O'Keefe is now happily married to Calvin and they live in their own home. She was visiting her mom for Thanksgiving Dinner when it all started. Her dad got a phone call from the president that Mad Dog, a terrorist, was going to start a nuclear war that could destroy the whole galaxy. As the wind and the storm outside pick up, Meg's mother in law starts saying an old rune of protection, which quiets the storm down. Charles Wallence, Meg's...