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Property of Blood
An Italian police marshal investigates the kidnapping of a fashion designer. The professional kidnappers are Italian organized criminals. However, the family may not be as rich as was supposed. And deeper troubles lie nearer home......
Some Bitter Taste
Soho, 2002, 12.00, 247 pp. ISBN: 1569473390 Once he handles a couple of other more pressing police matters, Florence Marshall Salvatore Guarnaccia will deal with Signora Sara Hirsch's complaint that someone had entered her apartment. So he goes ahead and deals with an illegal abused, underage Albanian prostitute and a minor robbery at the Villa L'Uliveto. When he arrives at Sara's abode, he regrets his assumption that the breaking and entering...
The Marshal and the Madwoman
Soho, 2003, 12.00, 223 pp. ISBN: 1569473404 Marshal Guarnacci of the Pitti Palace Carabinieri Station was with his wife when he first met the crazy woman, Clementina, while she brawled with some guy apparently over feeding pigeons. Everyone in the working class neighborhood knows the former mental patient and many take turns feeding her. Not long after meeting Clementina, the Marshal receives a call from bar owner Gianfranco Cini informing hi...