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Dreaming the Eagle
Boudica is set in tribal Britain in the first century. It tells the story of Braeca, daughter of Graine, who at the time is the leader of the Eceni people. Braeca wants to become a dreamer, a spiritual leader, but instead she finds herself destined to be a warrior, killing her mother Graine's murderer at the age of twelve. How Braeca turns into Boudica, leader of the Eceni, who wants to rid her people and the rest of Britain from the Romans, is at the ce...
No Good Deed
The basis for this story is set in the past. Twenty-odd years ago a crime was committed which impacts on the choice of one woman - Orla McLeod - to become a member of an elite undercover Glasgow Police force. A current sting operation leaves 5 dead and a 9-year-old, almost autistic boy, Orla's to care for and protect. Attempting to avenge the tortuous death of her policeman lover, it slowly becomes clear that the man who spent 20 years in prison for ...