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Finding You
The story is about Arthur, a young architect, who fell in love with the wrong person. Arthur discovered Lauren hiding in his closet. She convinced him that she was the living spirit of a coma patient stuck in a hospital bed in a San Francisco hospital. Arthur had a real relationship with Lauren's spirit until she recovered from her coma and the spirit disappeared. Due to the fact that her spirit vanished, Arthur thought that she was dead and he moved to ...
If Only It Were True
The story is about a young architect who finds a woman's spirit in his closet. The story is about a young architect who finds a woman's spirit in his closet. Laura is a young doctor and she lives in San Francisco. She decides to take a vacation but while she drives her car away from the city she has an unfortunate accident and she ends up in a coma. Arthur is an architect. He moves in his new San Francisco apartment and he finds a young woman hiding in t...
Just Like Heaven
The setting is mid-town New York where a doctor is envolved in a tragic car accident and is fatally injured but survives, not knowing that her apartment while soon be haunted by her ghost a bing drinker moves in on a rental bases and later is known that the doctor is a female who is on life support that will eventually be taken off and will die, So the man travels all around trying to find which hospital she is located in and does but the nurse is painfu...

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