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The Realms of Gold
Florence Wingate, a successful archeologist, is a divorcee with a family. She has been separated from her married lover, Karel Schmidt, for several years, but now realizes that she truly loves him. She writes to him but the post card gets delayed. Unhappily she goes on with her family and professional life, discovers some unknown relatives in the English Midlands and tries to come to terms with her future....
The Waterfall
Jane Grey is the heroine of this book. She is pregnant and also in the disgusting situation of being in a love triangle with her husband and her sister's husband. She is married, she is pregnant--there are a lot of graphic descriptions about pregnancy. Most of her time is spent in bed, speculating. Most of the action consists of introspection by the character, turning the book into a long monologue. The highlight of the plot is when Jane gives birth....