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A Journey to Here
Dafina, Oct 2003, 24.00, 274 pp. ISBN: 1575669188 As a teen at Jamaica High, Sylvia "Suvie" Allen learned a bitter lesson when her first love Philip betrayed her with her best friend Dorothy. Though still hurt by what happened, forty-six years old Silvia knows she lives a good life. Almost two decades of marriage and she still enjoys Emory's company and the icing is that they have two delightful teenage daughters Aaron and Monet. The present a...
Some Sunday
Kensington, Sep 2001, 24.00, 305 pp. ISBN: 1575669161 In New York City, Sandy deeply grieves the death of her beloved husband who succumbed to AIDS. As Sandy struggles to regain her equilibrium, she finds solace in a safe relationship with her brother-in-law before testing the deeper rapids with a contractor. While Sandy toils with finding a reason to live, her best friends also struggle with life. In the courtroom Martha the assista...
True Lies
Dafina, Oct 2002, 24.00, 368 pp. ISBN: 157566917X When Corrections Officer Rick Trimmons and teenage drop out Gina Alexander meet, both think it is love. However, Rick never recovered from being dumped and remains in a rebound state of limbo while Gina desperately wants a baby. When Kanisha is born, Gina learns what an infant does to a lifestyle so in order to return to the streets, she begins dumping Kanisha on her grandmother, which angers Ri...