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The Diviners
Morag Gunn starts life as an orphan, and spends her life seeking a place to belong while establishing her own sense of identity. Morag Gunn is orphaned as an infant, and raised in a small prairie town in Canada by poor friends of her family. She experiences ostracism at a young age due to her socio-economic status, and spends time at the local dump ("nuisance grounds") with her adoptive father Christie, who is the town garbage man. She also strikes up an...
The Stone Angel
Hagar Shipley comes to terms with her life as she fights against her own aging. Set in a small Canadian prairie town, the story of The Stone Angel is told by Hagar Currie Shipley, the protagonist. When we meet her she is a strong willed ninety year old woman, displeased to be living with her second favorite son, Marvin, and his wife, Doris, and facing countless regrets about her life. The novel flashes back to her youth and young adulthood, her married l...