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Cremator's Revenge
Someone is killing off the homeless people in Florida. Is it right? One reporter doesn't think so. Joanne Logan is very interested in why someone seems to have targeted this group of homeless friends. The cremator is out for revenge against homeless trash whom he thinks had killed his loved one. He sometimes takes in the homeless, takes them to eat and pretends to be there friend, only to lure them into his sick game of torture and death. J...
Deadly Duplicates
The Price sisters, Doreen and Deborah, were conjoined twins who were separated at birth. They are twenty-four years old, beautiful, and sensuous. From an outsider's point of view, it looks as though they are leading happy, content lives. Debbie is an expectant mother, married to a cop, and living in Florida. Doreen is single and works as a nurse in a New Jersey hospital. However, all is not well with Doreen. Behind her pretty facade lurks a violent murde...