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Postcards from Berlin
Little, Brown, Aug 2003, 22.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0316738131 When she was a young teen, her mother abandoned Catriona Lydgate, leaving the child to the machinations of governmental entities. Several years later, preschool teacher Catriona met and married Richard, a divorced father of one of her students. Over the next few years life seems perfect to Catriona. Everything changes when POSTCARDS FROM BERLIN arrive from either her mother or someone ...
The River House
This story follows Ginnie Holmes, a child-psychologist based in London, who works primarily with children who have been traumatized by life experiences. Ginnie is married with two teenage daughters and on the outside it seems her life is perfect. However, her husband is an obsessive academic and Ginnie cannot remember the last time they made love. When her eldest daughter moves out of the house and goes off to college and her husband moves into her room,...
The Soldier's Wife
This novel tells the story of Vivienne de la Mare, wife and mother of two, during Nazi occupied Guernsey. It is the dawn of World War II and Vivienne's husband is away fighting while she is left to head the family, looking after her two daughters and her mother-in-law on this tranquil island in the English Channel. As Vivienne begins to adapt to the sacrifices required by the forces of war, she realizes that food shortages and curfews may be the least of...