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Eva Moves The Furniture
Holt, Sep 2001, 23.00, 272 pp. ISBN: 0805068015 In 1920 Troon, Scotland, Eva McEwan is born under a dark cloud. What should have been a happy event for her parents turns ugly when magpies are seen flocking to a tree just outside the family home. Everyone knows that omen always forecasts something bad and that evening, Eva's mother passes away. Her father and her aunt raise Eva in a very isolated environment. When she turns six, a wo...
The Missing World
Hazel loses her memory after a freak accident. Her boyfriend, with whom she had broken up before the accident, declines to tell her of the break-up, and proceeds to cut Hazel off from the outside world. Meanwhile, an aspiring actress's life is falling down around her ears, and an American roofer is having problems dealing with his reality. All four of these people are drawn together in various ways, and how they all affect each other lives....