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Little Clearing In The Woods
Caroline Quiner, who grows up to be Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother, is a young girl living in Brookfield, Wisconsin in 1847. The Quiners are a large family, consisting of Mother, Caroline, Grandma, Henry, Joseph, baby Thomas, Martha and Eliza. Devastated by their father Henry's death on board a schooner during a storm, the Quiners struggle to keep a roof over their head and food on their plates. The Quiners are reeling from the knowledge that they have...
Little House In Brookfield
Caroline Quiner, who grew up to be Laura Ingalls' mother, is a quiet five year old as the story begins. It is 1845 and the Quiner family is living in the frontier town of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Caroline lives with her mother, grandmother and siblings Martha, Joseph, Henry, Eliza and baby brother Thomas. One year ago Caroline's father Henry was lost at sea and presumed dead. Life has been difficult for the Quiner family ever since. Caroline misses her...
Little Town At the Crossroads
In 1846 six year Caroline Quiner, who grew up to be Laura Ingalls' Wilder's mother, is living in the growing town of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Still in mourning over the death of her beloved father, who was lost at sea, Caroline finds comfort in the hustle and bustle of her large family. There's Mother, Caroline, Grandma, Martha, Eliza, Henry, Joseph and baby Thomas. It is the fourth of July and the Quiner family is heading into town for a festive Indepen...