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Poison Study
Yelena is waiting to be executed for murder, when she is offered the chance to become the food taster for the Commander of Ixia. Unfortunately the training itself could kill her. She agrees and training begins. Valek, the advisor to the Commander, is in charge of her training. The first thing he does is dose her with Butterfly Dust. If she takes the antidote everyday she will be fine. However, if she tries to run away, she will die. To start her t...
Touch of Power - Healer 1
Avry evades the clutches of a delusional would-be King and a fanatical Priestess, while discovering the cure to a plague that has wracked the kingdom. Avry is a healer magician who has been on the run from authorities since the healers have been labeled traitors to the King due to their refusal to heal people suffering from the plague. The plague has killed half the population of the Fifteen Kingdoms and the survivors that are left have allied themselves...