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Please Do Feed the Cat
Dunne, Dec. 2004, 22.95, 224 pp. ISBN 0312284985 After a grueling book tour in the United States, Lorinda is thrilled to be back in her English home with her cats Had-I and But-Known in the village of Brimful Coffers. Mystery writers like Lorinda live in a neighborhood within the village, helping one another out and being there to listen to one another's troubles. After Lorinda sleeps off the jet lag she learns that a little girl was run over b...
The Cat Who Wasn't A Dog
St. Martin's, August 2003, 22.95, 208 pp. ISBN 0312284977 Everything is quiet and settled for actresses of stage and screen, Evangeline Sinclair and Trixie Dolan until they receive a call from fellow thespian Dame Cecile Savoy. The Dame's beloved Maltese Fleur de-Lys has died after twenty years and she needs her friends around her in her time of grief. When they arrive in Brighton, driven there by their friend Eddie in his taxi, they take Fleur...
The Diamond Cat
Bettina Bilby, a spinster in her late thirties, is looking after four cats for her neighbors over a long holiday weekend. In addition, she has her cantankerous, meddlesome, nagging mother to deal with. On a stormy night a carrier pigeon crashes into the house, breaking its neck. The bird turns out to be carrying a small fortune in diamonds, but it is unmarked so Bettina can't contact the owners. To keep her mother from appropriating the diamonds to p...