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An Uncivil Servant
When Lord Jeremy Pickering, in a fit of pique, kisses his aunt's new maid, he is astonished when she momentarily drops her Cockney accent to tell him off in very aristocratic tones. The aunt, middle-aged Lady Lavinia Pickering, starts an adventure club with her two best friends and since Catherine is obviously no good at pretending to be a maid, she is invited along as a fourth member when the ladies set out to Bath in search of adventure and new experie...
The Heather and the Blade
Laurie Campbell, a young Scottish noblewoman, is forced to marry Callum MacDonald, handsome son of the laird and traditional enemies of the Campbells. Callum was part of the 1715 rebellion of Scottish Jacobites against the government of George I. By agreeing to this marriage, Callum escapes a hanging but he vows he will not have a true marriage with a Campbell. Told from Laurie's point of view, she is taken to MacDonald castle in the Scottish highlan...