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Big Trouble
Naomi Conner is a computer security consultant who used to be a hacker known as R@ptrgurl. When she was a teenager she was drawn into a plot to breach the security of defense contractor. Now years later she wants the assignment to help them beef up their security and make amends. What she doesn't count on is the way she is drawn to the CTO Joe Casey. She and Joe are working closely on this issue and Joe is drawn to her and pursues a relationship ...
My Hero
Miranda Lane is a well known romance writer who is known for her sensitive heroes. Her editor wants something new from her as her heroes are starting to become bland pushovers. The editor wants Miranda's latest book rewritten, starring a sexy alpha male cop. Miranda is stunned and protests, but eventually gives in and decides to take up a friend on an offer to set up a meeting with a hard hitting detective. Detective Chas Casey is the perfect role mo...