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Blood Lies
St. Martin', August 2002, 23.95, 272 pp. ISBN 0312283059 Normally Dido Hoare is a serene even-tempered individual but the events of the previous winter are still affecting her and now she needs a vacation. When her old friend Lizzy Waring invites her and her infant son to stay with her and her husband in the Village of Alford, Dido jumps at the chance to leave London and her antiquarian bookstore. Alford isn't the bucolic village of her imagin...
Die Once
Dunne, June 2002, 23.95, 272 pp. ISBN 0312283601 Dido Hoare's Antiquarian Books and Prints store is doing well and the associated mail order business and website is increasing profits for the single mother and her son. One of her best customers is Timothy Curwen who usually buys her expensive Victorian books whenever she gets them into stock. Over the last year he has spent thousands of pound in her store so she's very surprised when his two hu...