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June and Day, two highly skilled teenagers from different backgrounds, have discovered their society's deepest secrets. Legend follows the story of Day, the most wanted criminal in the Republic and June Iparis, the Republic's darling and a military prodigy. The Republic employs a system of determining a child's physical and mental capabilities, the Trial, which will then determine which school they can study in and what job they can get. Day's and June's...
The second installment in the Legend Trilogy follows the journey of Day and June, two teenagers who rebelled from the Republic to fight for what they believe in and travel to the military city of Las Vegas to seek assistance from the opposing group, the Patriots. As they reach Vegas, they are startled by the news that the Elector Primo died and is replaced by Anden, his son. Kaede, a Patriot rebel finds the two and brings them in their headquarters to me...