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I, Claudia
Claudia is an ex-exotic dancer who has managed to marry a wealthy man, and in ancient Rome this has not been an easy task. She has claimed that her family was wiped out by plague far away, and she has no other relatives, so when her gambling activities threaten to get out of hand, she sets about trying to earn money in a rather unsavory manner, until someone starts bumping off her clients. Rather than have her own secrets brought out, in which case sh...
Man Eater
Claudia Seferius is making a trip to her vineyard to investigate an arsonist. After an accident and the desertion by her cat, Drusilla, Claudia is forced to spend the night at a villa where men and animals are trained for gladiatorial competitions. During the night, a man is killed and placed in front of her door. Unfortunately for Claudia, this man is her arsonist....
Virgin Territory
Claudia Seferius escapes from Rome to Sicily, on the run from her creditors. She is in the company of a fake Vestal Virgin and joins up with the woman's bizarre family once they reach the island....
Wolf Whistle
Five slave girls, all bearing the same tattoo have been murdered in Rome. Claudia Seferius, after a reckless escape from an irate money-lender, finds a young boy and takes him in--after all, she can't leave him on the street with a murderer loose. Her want-to-be lover, Marcus Cornelius Orbilio, tries to find the identity of a murderer and the truth about a family secret. Book 4 in the series....

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