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Tristan and Kellen are stranded on a planet where men are powerless and thrown into a harem. Mara, a local scientist, saves them and helps them escape from the planet. They are chased by evil Cadaran, a powerful local official. They are helped by a cute local intelligent cat creature named Floppy.Tristan and Mara are pulled apart by slavery yet brought together by love....
The Once and Future Queen
Immortals are a race of superbeings who may or may not exist. Tales about them among all the space races hint of a human appearance but with special psychic powers and a technology so far beyond other races that it seems magic. Humans haven't been bothered by this race who are more prone to help the underdog races than conquer them, but rumors about them are flying on the human colony of Xenda. This colony is a tourist world where the locals follow ...
Time After Time
Justin comes to Alexa during her engagement party and tells her they are reincarnated lovers, and they are meant to be together in this life as well. She doesn't believe him so he tries to make her remember one of their past lives by telling and reenacting important events in their past lives. Some of the retellings are funny, exciting, or dangerous. ...