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When mafia don Raymonde Aprile is shot dead by hit men, his nephew Astorre vows to track down the men responsible. A cycle of violence follows, involving organized crime, the police and the FBI....
The Godfather
Late in 1945, army veteran Michael Corleone brings his fiancee Kay Adams to meet his family on his sister's wedding day. His family, however, is a little different from most families. His father is Don Vito Corleone, a powerful Mafia boss known as "the Godfather." His brothers Sonny and Fredo are soldiers in the organization and Sonny is the most feared enforcer in New York. His adopted brother Tom Hagen is the lawyer who handles the financial details...
The Sicilian
Salvatore Guiliano is just a simple peasant living in 1940's Sicily, barely in his twenties. One day, he and his friend Gaspare Pisciotta are stopped by the local police and arrested for smuggling contraband. Killing the police, they escape into the mountains surrounding their hometown of Montelepre. Guiliano raids a prison and frees dozens of bandits. He also hijacks a black-market caravan, the proceeds of which are given to the poor, Guiliano earns hi...