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Forbidden Tower
Heritage and Exile
Lew Alton and Regis Hastur of Hastur meet up again, Lew meets his mothers family (Aldaran), and gets involved with Kadarin (a Terranan criminal). Kadarin, Lew, Morjorie Scott(aka Marja or Marguerida), Thyra (Marja's sister), Rafe Scott (aka: Rafael; Marja and Thyra's brother), and Beltran Aldaran get the Sharra Matrix, a dangerous 9th level or so Matrix. All but Lew have no tower training, but they attempt to control it anyway... leading later to Lew's l...
Lady of the Trillium
When one mage grows old, she looks around for a new one. This story is about the chosing and training of the next mage, and teaching her to except her new role....
The Firebrand
This is a retelling of the Trojan War from the prespective of Paris' sister Kassandra. The only person who was against bringing the Trojan Horse into the city of Troy....

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The Mists of Avalon
Based on Arthurian Legend, Morgaine LeFay becomes a priestess and struggles against society and herself to keep Avalon from receding into the Mists. It is sort of the "untold" story of Arthur....

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