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Speak Ill of the Living
Poisoned Press, Feb 2005, 24.95, 256 pp. ISBN 1590581393 Bank president Roger Lime was carjacked; later the coroner Dr. Crane identified the body using dental records. Now Roger Lime's picture is shown in the Second Voice, a weekly newspaper, very much alive and freelance journalist Eddie Bourque is covering the story. Eddie's brother Henry who participated in a bank robbery, took six million dollars in gold, killed two security guards, but was...
Poisoned Pen, Jul 2003, 24.95, 318 pp. ISBN: 1590580591 Lowell Daily Empire reporter Eddie Bourque strongly believes that his stop in this Massachusetts city is short term as his goal is Boston, New York, and DC. However, his ambition is slightly deterred when his beat partner Danny Nowlin is found dead in the Worthen Canal. Eddie refuses to accept the official position that an accident occurred because his peer was a junkie. Eddie begins in...