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American Defector
Not since Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness have I seen an author carry the reader into the unknown like Treston does in his account of a man's journey into North Korea. Full of the unknown, the unexpected, and the bizarre, Treston is able to weave a story of a man's desire to defect from a world of "corrupt capitalism" to a place of "socialistic paradise." What the man finds is both intriguing and horrific. The reader is left wondering whether or ...
North Korean Memoirs
The main character is a naive intelligence officer living in a bubble of truth. He is only exposed to his own country's mistakes and does not really know how the other side lives. The story takes place in the 70's and 80's, which is important in order to understand why someone would defect to North Korea. Back then it seemed as if the world was adapting communism and that life in communist nations was true utopia. It is not evident what life is reall...